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Web Design Services

Our design packages are a one-time fee while your website is initially setup.


  • One-time Design Fee
  • Single-page Website
  • $75/additional page


Most Popular
  • One-time Design Fee
  • Up to 5 pages
  • $50/additional page
  • Up to 2 page templates


  • One-time Design Fee
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited page templates
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Additional Services

These services are optional, but can be purchased from us for your convenience.



This cost covers the servers that make your website available to the world 24/7

Waived if you already have your own hosting
$8.25per month
$99 per year

Support & Edit Access

Make changes on your site yourself PLUS keep us on call if anything goes wrong

Per incident support & change requests are also available
$19.95per month

Domain Name Registration / Transfer

Your domain name is the address of your website. If you don't already have one for your site, we can help! You can also transfer your domain to us so that you can easily manage everything in one place

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • ...and more
starting at
$14.95per year

Email Hosting

Send and receive businsss email from yourname@yourdomain.com

FREEwith a hosting plan

Google Email

Use Gmail for your businses email

Free for qualifying non-profit organizations
$5per user, per month

Custom Design

Each project is designed with the unique company in mind. "Custom" means that your site won't be bound by any arbitrary rules of a template. It also means that we don't waste your time or money on features you don't care about. It's your site, you make the rules.

Friendly Support

It's OK to have questions, that's why we're here! We have a passion for helping you achive your goals quickly and without any headaches!

Email Hosting

Professional email addresses that end in your domain name (such as info@yoursite.com) are a great way to make a lasting impression. We think it's so crucial that this service is included for FREE with any hosting plan.

Online Editor

No website can sit static forever, but that doesn't mean you should have to learn how to code in order to make a change. You'll have access to an inline editor so that you can make you own updates instantly. It's as easy as editing a Word document

Online Store

Need a way to sell products or accept donations online? It's easier than you think to get setup! If you already have a preferred service for accepting payments or selling products, we can integrate it into your new site! If not, suggestions based on your unique needs will be provided during your site's design.

Risk-Free Trial

We're so confident that you'll enjoy working with us, than we don't even require a down-payment to get started! You'll receive a first draft of your site at no cost to you. You'll only pay when your site is published, or at the end of your trial period (whichever comes first).

Your new site is only a few clicks away...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to build a custom website?

Faster than you might think! Often a site's design of a site can be determined within a few days, but the content within the site is what typically delays progress. If the timeline is a concern to you, please mention any goals or deadlines in our initial consultation.

Q. Can you meet me in person?

If you're local, sure! We currently operate out of the Phoenix metropolitan area. However, most questions are easily handled over phone or email.

Q. Do you have any samples of your work?

Of course! In fact, the very website you're viewing right now was designed using the exact same tools as all my other sites. If you're looking for more specific examples, please contact us so I can provide links to other sites like yours.

Q. Can I purchase the edit access and support separately?

No—these services come as a bundle because they are interdependent on each other. It takes extra development work to build and maintain the editing capability into the site, but when it comes time to make the change it's much simpler to make that change using the editor (regardless of whether we do it, or you). On the other hand, if you find a limitation of the editor or need something unlocked for editing that wasn't considered in the initial design, we wouldn't want to have to charge you the per-incident support rate for that change to go through.

Q. How does the online editor work?

When your site is finished, you'll be provided with a login to the editor. You can login through the link at the footer of any page on your site, or through a direct private link if you chose to omit the footer link.

Once logged in, you'll simply choose a page to edit and your site will be loaded into the editor! You'll have the ability the change text, images, and more as allowed by the design. We'll build your site in such a way that you won't be able to break anything by editing the content. It's really just that simple! For a demo of the editor, please get in touch.

The website editor supports multiple users, and each user can have completely customizable permissions to edit only certain pages or templates.

Q. Can I host the website on my own server?

Yes! If you already have your own website hosting, we can connect to your servers to build the site. You'll simply need to provide FTP credentials and cPanel access if you don't feel comfortable making any of the necessary changes.

And no, this does not prevent you from using the online editor tool.

Q. Do I have to transfer my domain to you?

Not unless you want us to manage it for you. Some clients are not comfortable setting up and managing their own domain, which is why we offer that service separately (see above).

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